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Welcome to the official website of Alaticus! On this website you will find information about the man behind the project, the project itself, and the concept. On the left side you can find brief updates, a discography section with links about the individual albums, and info about the progress of the novel currently being written to go along with the concept.


I am currently doing monthly updates of the progress of my second album, you can check the page out here if you are interested. I revised the story and took some unnecesary plots and conflicts out and refined it so it makes a lot more sense. The story is now a lot easier to deal with and explain, it's also more relatable. This second album (Vol III) will mark the end of this story and then the third album will be volume I, the beginning of the story. I explain on the volume III update page why this order came to be. After the trilogy is complete I really don't know to continue as a concept or not, as this is a couple years away. I still plan on continuing the band and making music, however. I also plan within the coming months to have videos uploaded explaining more of what the songs mean to me outside the concept and how I came about writing them. Pictures are also planned to be put up soon.


Interested in the music? Listen to the "Sneak Peak" tracks below from the first album! If you like what you hear check out this page.

For more info about Alaticus click here. For more info on the story click here. If you wish to contact Nik, click here.


Vol II Album Art

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